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Specialized in “No Bake” moulding like Green sand, Box less, Metal box and shell moulding which offers good dimensional tolerances and reduces gas related defects.

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Boxless Moulding

Taking full advantage of the strength of the furan and resin bonded sand system, (No Bake) compact moulds provide a cost effective method of manufacturing castings.
Capacity Single Piece upto 100 kgs.

Shell Moulding

Castings produced by this method offer the ultimate dimensional accuracy for small components. Machining allowances can be reduced or even eliminated with tolerances of 0.25mm achievable.

Casting weight range 0.10 – 20 kgs.


Metal Box Moulding

When component size is too large for boxless moulding we have two boxed sections that handle large components efficiently and safely.

Capacity Single Piece Upto 500 kgs.


Cores are manufactured in “No Bake” sand, shell moulding.

In choosing the core making type we take into consideration the dimensional accuracy, surface finish required, the size, quantity of the casting and commercial considerations. We aim to provide the best and most cost effective solution for all industrial casting requirements.