Melting Facility



Installed 175 KW/1000 Hz induction furnace with internal water circulating system for clean energy efficient and well controllable melting process. Consists non- conductive crucible of 300 Kg. and 500 Kg. with hydraulic tilting arrangement holding the charge of metal to be melted.

A water cooled copper coil carrying alternating current produces a magnetic field, which in turn induces eddy currents in the charge.  These eddy currents heat and eventually melt the metal.  A second magnetic field is generated by the induced current in the charge.  The opposed magnetic fields result in a mechanical force, which stirs the molten metal.  The benefits of this stirring include the production of a thermally and chemically homogeneous melt and excellent alloy and charge absorption.

To slow down the growth of graphite precipitation magnesium or cerium is added to bonding edges of the graphite planes, along with control of other elements and timing which allows carbon to separate as spheroidal particles as the material solidifies.

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